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Monday, November 4, 2013

White on White Challenge Top Picks

Not a lot of entries for the white on white challenge but the cards that were submitted were all very beautiful  Thank you all for participating. Here is the design teams top picks. 

Sunehra's card is beautiful and I chose it for my top pick.  I love her snowflakes and pearls card.  Lots of wonderful white details and great design.  Check out her blog, this was not the only card that she made with the white on white theme.   Thank you for joining us this week Sunehra and hope to see you back soon.

Sarah Wills

I have chosen Sarah's card for my top pick this week.
I love how you have added the snowflakes to your card Sarah.
A wonderful White on White Christmas card.
Love the bow too!!
We hope you join us again soon.


This week I have chosen Kjersti's gorgeous creation. I love ALL of the elements...from the trees, deer and snowflakes, to the tulle that reminds me of a bird's nest. AND it holds CHOCOLATE...doesn't get better than that! Thanks for joining us, Kjersti!


  1. Thank you soooo much!! I am flattered that you chose my card in your Top Picks this week along with two other very worthy Picks too xx

  2. Wow thanks a lot! So glad you liked it, had a blast with the theme.